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JIMBO received a grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

JIMBO has received the Artists Emergency Resilience Program grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland due to us artists having a hard financial time during COVID.

I would like to thank the Arts Council for awarding me this grant, it most certainly helps in this hard time for us, as I'm sure it's helping the other recipients.

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New Single Release

Who Gives a Monkeys is out now!!

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Two brand new songs released this sunday 27 september

September 21 2020

All Your Lie

September 21, 2020

Your God Dam Song

September 21, 2020

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JIMBO' s new release "Screaming at the Walls" is now live on all digital platforms

JIMBO's first single "Screaming at the Walls is now live on all digital platforms.  

Visit the Music tab for links to your preferred streaming service

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